AUGUST 8, 2020
8a.m. – 3p.m. (PDT)


YouTube has disabled video-embedding, out you can join us by clicking HERE

We are pleased to announce and host the 38th Annual National Evangelism Movement. This year, we are Moving the Movement online. Join us for this life-changing event amidst life-changing times.

38th Annual Workshop Agenda

The workshop will be live streaming on Facebook at National Evangelism Movement, Inc and on our website NEMINC.org.  The agenda is in Pacific time.

The timeframe for each time zone is:

  • 8:00 am to 3:00 PM Pacific
  • 10:00 am to 5:00 Central
  • 11:00 am to 6:00 Eastern

8:00 am Registration
8:15 Opening & Devotion
8:30 NEM Overview – Dr. Tom Wilson                                “Why NEM? Why Now?” 

This workshop will explore the history of NEM. It will answer questions such as “How and where did it begin?” “What does it do?” “How is it organized?” “Who is involved?” and “What are the benefits for me and my church?”

Curriculum Overview – Dr. Kathy Cash        “Teach Me How to Fish and I’m There!”

Jesus called the Disciples to be “fishers of men“ and spent three years teaching them how to do just that. What’s it all about? What tools do I use? Who am I talking to? Can I really do that? What happens if I’m not ready? Before we can “go” as we have been commanded, we must learn the components of the mission — the who, what, when, where, why, and how — in order to execute the mission. Let NEM introduce you to a method of fishing that will produce a Disciple ready to enjoy kingdom-building benefits.

Pastors’ Plenary – Pastor Jerry Bryant

“The Church, The Commission, and The Coronavirus”

The Pastor’s Plenary is a forum where, each year, we share information and discuss contemporary challenges to the ministry of the Great Commission as given by our Lord Jesus Christ.  This year we will engage in dialogue concerning excellence in evangelism and discipleship, especially in the context of the current coronavirus pandemic.

10:00 General Session – Dr. Earlee Washington     “You’re Telling Me to do What???

Are you hard working, dedicated, results driven and desire to be engaged in the lives of people?  Are you feeling you need more meaning for your individual life, as you listen to, and discover social unrest and wonder how you can possible help make change?  Come, let’s talk about that…

11:15 Lunch Break
12:00 pm General Session – Rev. Khy Traylor              “Jesus, Memes and Avatars”

Do I need a filter to display Christ? We will explore the best images of Christ in young adults and the challenges of effectively sharing the love of Christ in times driven by technology, social media and self-expression.   (Young Adults are strongly encouraged to join this session.)

1:15 General Session – Pastor Rodney Payne             “Love My Neighbor, Really?”

Does God really expect me to love my “neighbor?”  How do I even know my neighbor really is?  If you are challenged to live out your Christian faith in the midst of social injustice and racism, you don’t want to miss this “real talk” session.  We will work through real challenges with real solutions!

2:30 Executive Director Remarks:  Bishop Sylvester Washington
3:00 Adjournment

You may register for the workshop on the NEM website.  Please note that there is no registration fee.  However, your kind and prayerful gift will be most appreciated.